What Is Diamond Accent?

Diamond accents drastically influence your center stone as they add volume and extra sparkle, making it more personal. Whether you are shopping for diamond accents for your engagement ring or to add to your precious gemstone, here is what you need to know about these stones.

What Are Diamond Accents?

Diamond accents or accent diamonds are small stones placed alongside the main stone or other gemstones to complement or boost the beauty and brilliance of the jewelry piece. Although they are genuine diamonds with diamond color, cut, clarity, and carat weight grades, these stones add personality and individuality to your center stone. However, diamond accents are small and less visible, making them under-valued individually.

Regarding size, accent diamonds come in different sizes depending on the setting and size of the center stone. Usually, they weigh between 0.01 and 0.20 carats to add extra volume and sparkle to the main diamond.

Types Of Diamond Accents

Despite being small, diamond accents are available in different types, determined by the shape of the stone. Here are the four distinctive shapes of diamond accents:

  • Baguette accent diamonds: These are step-cut diamonds with a rectangular shape and symmetry and a large table size. Baguette accent diamonds feature long edges, making them narrower towards the bottom and often used as side stones.
  • Marquise accent diamonds: Marquise stones are oval-shaped with curved sides and beautifully "pointy" tops and bottoms. These stones are mainly used as side stones to complement round stones such as emeralds and princess cut diamonds.
  • Trillion accent diamonds: These are triangular-shaped diamonds, usually cut like radiant stones to create more sparkle. Trillion accent diamonds are also used as side stones in a three-stone setting and pair best with round brilliant, oval, or radiant diamonds.
  • Round accent diamonds: These stones are round-shaped and the most versatile type of diamond accent because of their vintage design. Like other accent diamonds, round accents are used as side stones and popular in creating stunning halo settings.

How To Choose the Best Accent for Your Center Stone

With four different diamond accent shapes, you can find the perfect stone that compliments your jewelry perfectly. Here are some ways to choose an ideal diamond accent.

  • Fitting size: Choose accent diamonds not larger than 15% the size of the center stone.
  • Embrace risks: It is not necessarily a must to match the shape of your center diamond with accent diamonds. Take risks by pairing different small stones to create a perfect piece.
  • Consider matching diamonds: If your center stone has a shape that matches particular accent diamonds, go ahead and match them. You can also match size, clarity, and color to get the perfect blend.

To learn more about diamond accents, contact us here at Scott & Co. Fine Jewelers, and we'll help you choose ideal small stones to complement your center diamond.