Forever Linked

Permanent Jewelry

What does it mean to be Forever Linked?

Some bonds are destined to last forever. Show the world the strength of your bond with a Forever Linked permanent bracelet. Whether you share a connection with a parent, partner, sibling, besties, or any other friend or family member, this piece will remind you of what you mean to each other. Get yours for an anniversary, an engagement, bachelorette party or just because.

The forever Linked Process

Find your Forever People

A parent, partner, siblings, besties, or any other friends or family members

Make Your Appointment

Schedule an appointment for up to four people, we will promptly respond to confirm your scheduled date and time.

Pick your Style

Choose from our selection of five 14 karat gold chains.

Measure Length

We will help you find the perfect fit.


Using our mini arc welder we permanently close the chain around your wrist.

The Result

A symbol of those who are Forever Linked.

Forever Linked FAQs

DOES IT HURT? Thankfully, No! While there is a possibility of being 'zapped,' we promise you will feel nothing but joy!

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Price depends on the length and style of the chain you pick. Prices commonly run between $175 - $350, this takes into account a common wrist size of 7 to 8 inches, the five styles of chain that we currently offer, and a $50 service charge.

DO YOU OFFER STERLING SILVER OPTIONS? At this time we do not offer sterling silver for this service. However we do offer a selection of sterling bracelets with clasps in store.

HOW PERMANENT IS MY WELDED BRACELET? We cannot guarantee that your Forever Linked bracelet will last forever, our selected chains are delicate enough to be removed if necessary. They can be carefully cut at the end of the ring that connects the chain together. They are considered permanent in that you cannot take them off. Please keep in mind they are still a piece of jewelry that can break with wear. 
Should something happen to your bracelet we will do our best to fix it when possible. Please know we are not liable for lost chains. Please keep your chain in a safe place until you are able to stop in to have the piece re-welded.Please wear it with care! Forever Linked bracelets are a custom item, and the sale of permanent welded jewelry is final.

CAN I BRING IN MY OWN CHAIN OR BRACELET TO BE WELDED? No. We only offer this service with the chain we provide. 

DO I HAVE TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT? We'd prefer it! While walk-in service is possible, we would love it if you take the time to book an appointment so we can make sure someone who is trained in using our arc welder is present. 

HOW LONG DOES AN APPOINTMENT TAKE? An appointment can last 20 to 45 minutes. Please note the number of people in your party when you submit your appointment request.

IS THERE AN AGE REQUIREMENT? Anyone 18 and older are welcome to get Connected. Customers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Children must be able to sit perfectly still during the appointment. 


Your photos

Send us your pictures of your Forever Linked bracelets out in the wild to be featured on our social media feeds.