Are Diamonds A Good Investment?

Diamond rings have been popular around the world since the launch of the De Beers advertising campaign in 1947. That said, Americans became enamored with diamonds in the 1930s. Since then, the popularity of this mineral has not waned. Today, our jewelry experts at Scott & Co. Fine Jewelers in New Oxford, PA are discussing whether a diamond ring is a good investment. 

Reasons Why Diamonds Are A Good Investment

Yes, diamonds are a good investment. Since their initial explosion in popularity, they have remained popular. Let's take a closer look at just a few reasons why diamonds are a great asset to invest in. 

The Size of Diamonds

One advantage of diamonds is their size. They are easily portable and small enough to fit into a safe deposit box at a bank or a small, fireproof safe in your home. 

Durability of Diamonds

Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, which makes them very durable and difficult to damage.

Variety of Diamonds

Whether you're investing in stocks, bonds, or physical assets, like diamonds, diversity is key. When you're ready to liquidate your physical assets and go on the global adventure you've dreamt of for decades, you will be able to liquidate much more easily if you have a wide range of diamonds to sell. 

Where To Find Diamonds To Invest In?

Diamonds are an excellent investment. They have been popular in the United States for well over eight decades, and their popularity is not fading. If you're looking to invest in diamonds to hedge your financial bets and diversify your asset portfolio, contact us today at Scott & Co. Fine Jewelers in New Oxford, PA online.

Alternatively, you may call us at 717-624-1444 to schedule an appointment. Whether you're looking to invest in diamond rings, earrings, or something else, we can help.