Why It Is Important to Have a Jeweler with an In-House Repair Shop

Since the inception of Scott & Co. our pride and joy has been our in-house repair shop. One of the most rewarding things we do here is repairing and refurbishing pieces of jewelry that hold a lot of meaning for the wearer. Some pieces were passed down from ancestors, some are gifts from loved ones, and others are just something fun that is enjoyed when worn. No matter the reasoning, we are committed to making sure your pieces are receiving the best care possible. That’s why today I wanted to review why having an in-house repair shop such as our own is an important part of finding the right jeweler for you. 

There are a few key reasons why having a repair shop in house is a necessary part of finding the right jeweler for you. One of these reasons is simply so it does not have to be shipped somewhere else. Between the cost to ship and the risk that needs to be taken in order to do so, avoiding shipping is a wise course of action. While insurance is available for packages, it does not mean that your package will not become lost, stolen, or further damaged in its journey. This also means that you can work on a shortened timeline. Without having to wait on the whims of the postal service or other shipping companies, you can have your piece repaired just in time for whatever occasion you need it for. 

Another important reason is the ability to walk into the establishment and speak to a person face to face about the repairs being done. Someone can explain in detail what needs to be done and can even consult the person that will be doing the repairs. Meeting and speaking with the person working on your pieces also adds a sense of personal connection. Here at Scott & Co. we have at least one jeweler on staff Monday through Friday from nine-thirty to five-thirty and Saturday from nine-thirty to four. This allows us to consult in real time the best way to go about your repair and give suggestions on how to make the repair as sturdy and long-lasting as possible. 

Because we have our shop in house, our sales associates are also trained to evaluate jewelry for necessary repairs and make suggestions based on their practical knowledge of how repairs are completed. Prices are discussed up front and if your repair involves closer examination, our experts will review them and call promptly with information and pricing on your repair. Our staff works very closely and is constantly learning new and more efficient ways of completing necessary work in order to make it more of a seamless process for the customer. You can ask your questions at take in and get a direct answer without having to wait around for a phone call.

When you bring your jewelry into Scott & Co. for repair, we want nothing more than you to be blown away by the level of service and expertise we have provided. Let us take a look at any repairs or projects you have in mind and we can let you know all the details of cost, timeline, and even ideas to improve the life of your pieces.