What Is Diamond Brilliance?

When shopping for a diamond, most people consider sparkle as the main factor to ensure they get maximum light from the stone. However, a diamond's sparkle combines three critical components: brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Although these three terms are consistently used interchangeably, they serve one purpose; the brightness of the gem. So, what exactly is brilliance in a diamond? Read on to find out.

What Is Diamond Brilliance?

Diamond brilliance refers to the reflection of bright white light from different facets of the gemstone. The artistry often determines the light intensity through cutting and polishing because diamonds are mined with a rough and opaque surface. Beautifully cut and polished diamonds provide maximum light, especially when the light is refracted from the facets and dispersed along the top of the stone.

Determining Diamond Brilliance

The cut and polish of a diamond can make or break its brilliance. After the diamond is mined, a professional diamond cutter will determine the right angle to cut it, as it is a significant aspect that affects diamond brilliance.

Another key factor is scintillation, which gives the stone a striking balance and contrast with the reflecting light. Scintillation ensures some facets are dark while others reflect maximum light, determining where the reflection of light happens. The intent is to give the facets enough structural contrast to allow light to bounce around the stone for a perfect sparkle.

Regarding fire, diamond brilliance can include colors to ensure the stone sparkles with one or more colors to enhance its beauty and appearance. Fire gives the diamond colorful flashes when it disperses light, besides showing off the stone's clarity.

How To Get A Brilliant Diamond

Scintillation, cut, and polish are enough to give the stone a perfect balance of brilliance. However, cut grade and polish provide these effects to get the most brilliance from the stone. Visual facets, cut design and precision, transparency, and contrast are also crucial for a brilliant diamond.

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