What Is An Asscher Cut Diamond?

Faceted diamonds are quite alluring, with women preferring a particular cut over others. From teardrop and heart-shaped to oval and round brilliant, diamonds come in many shapes. However, there's one that stands out among the rest, the Asscher Cut diamond, with its unique appearance and captivating history. Here's what our experts at Scott & Co Jewelers have to say about the Asscher Cut.

The History Of Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asscher cut diamonds have been in existence since 1902, when Joseph Asscher created the first one, which had 58 facets. These diamonds were sought-after in the 1920s during the Art Deco period, before waning in popularity after the Great Depression. As recently as the 2000s, their demand has shot up again.

What Are Asscher Cut Diamonds?

Though an Asscher cut looks like an emerald cut, its main difference lies in its square shape, which is an almost 1:1 ratio of length to width. The Asscher cut also has a pointed culet that attracts the eye to the diamond's center.

Note that the square shape is somewhat octagonal because the corners are cropped instead of being sharp. These slanted corners are not so noticeable, especially when a diamond is mounted on a four-prong setting.

The Asscher cut displays large step facets with a high crown, which gives off a sparkling effect that resembles endless reflective mirrors.

How To Choose An Asscher Cut Diamond

The nature of Asscher-cut diamonds requires that you bear in mind certain factors when identifying what suits you best. Here are some consideration factors.

Color Grade

Since Asscher diamonds have large open facets that may expose flaws, choose an H, G, or higher color grade as they will appear white.


Go for Asscher cut diamonds with VS2 clarity grade, that is, very slightly included. This clarity appears eye-clean for diamonds of less than 3 carats.

Stone Depth

Because it's a step-cut, an Asscher cut diamond with a lower depth is more ideal. Consider selecting a 60 - 68% depth under the guidance of a gemologist's advice.

If you still find it mind-boggling to make an appropriate Asscher cut diamond selection, contact us today. We, at Scott & Co. Fine Jewelers based in New Oxford, PA, are ready to help you and offer valuable advice as well.