What Diamond Shape Looks The Biggest?

Oval-cut diamonds will usually look much larger than a round-cut diamond of the same weight. But that's only the short answer. 

Here at Scott & Co, we know big rocks — one carat and up — are the hot trend right now, especially for engagement rings. But diamond prices increase exponentially with size. There's a big price jump at that one-carat mark, and again at two carats.

Therefore, if you're looking to make a big impact with a careful budget, you'll find that oval cut diamonds are a great choice. A .75 ct oval cut diamond could have about the same presence on her finger as a full one-carat round. And it will cost much less. And a 1.5 ct oval will look more like a 2-carat rock. 

Just remember, there's much more to a diamond than its size.

Remember the "4 Cs" of Diamond Grading

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grades diamonds based on the "Four Cs":

  • Cut — how perfectly symmetrical a diamond was cut
  • Clarity — how clear and close to flawless it is
  • Carat — the weight of the stone
  • Color grade — traditionally, colorless diamonds are preferred

Of all these factors, most jewelers will argue that cut is the most significant factor. After all, what good is a three-carat stone if it looks like a piece of broken, dirty glass? And it's the meticulous cutting that makes a diamond sparkle with reflected light and fiery rainbow flashes. 

Are There Other Ways to Make a Smaller Diamond Look Big?

Yes! Sometimes we're approached by people who inherited a smaller diamond. It's a cherished piece of family history, but it would be considered a small diamond by today's standards. Remember, huge rocks weren't always in style.

If you want to keep that diamond in the family but update its look, a new setting is probably the answer. A high-profile setting raises a stone from the ring and makes it look more prominent (and more sparkly). And a halo of smaller sparklers can add a lot of visual impact to your family heirloom. 

While it's important to remember the "Four C's" of diamond grading, your final choice in a diamond is all about personal preference. Pick one that you love! Here at Scott & Co, our team of diamond experts is standing by to help you choose that perfect ring. So contact us today.