What Are Inclusions In Diamonds?

When looking for the perfect diamond, diamond clarity is an essential aspect to consider. Inclusions are vital characteristics of diamond clarity.

So, what are inclusions in diamonds?

Inclusions are clarity characteristics in diamonds created by the extreme heat and pressure present when diamonds form.

Inclusion-free or flawless diamonds are rare in the gemstone industry. Almost all diamonds contain inclusions, but they aren't noticeable to the naked eye. You require a high magnification microscope to spot them. Diamonds with many or large inclusions have a low clarity grade and are less valuable.

Types of Diamond Inclusions

Here are three types of diamond inclusions:

1. Pinpoint Inclusions

Pinpoint inclusions are tiny spots in a diamond, and they are the most common clarity characteristics.

2. Diamond Cavities

Diamond cavities are tiny holes within a diamond. These inclusions are the rarest but lower the diamond's quality significantly. Manufacturers use most diamonds having these inclusions to make industrial tools.

3. Feather Inclusions

Feather inclusions are small cracks inside a diamond or on its surface. Cracks on the diamond's surface can compromise its durability.

How Professionals Grade Inclusions

Independent labs use specific guidelines to grade diamond inclusions. The criteria they use include:


Gemologists check the inclusion's size. A gem's grade reduces with a bigger inclusion.


Gemologists check the number of visible inclusions. The diamond's clarity reduces with increasing visible inclusions.


The inclusion's location determines the diamond's value. Inclusions at the center affect the diamond's clarity more than those at the bottom.

Internal or External Inclusions

The inclusions' locations, whether external or internal, affect the diamond's value and clarity. Diamonds with external exclusions only are pretty valuable and internally flawless.

If you have diamonds whose inclusions you may want to see to determine their clarity and value, Scott & Co. Fine Jewelers can help you. We can also customize jewelry using diamonds with specific inclusions. Contact us to discover more about diamond inclusions and your options.