How To Clean Amethyst Jewelry

Cleaning your jewelry maintains its sheen and prevents dirt build-up, which may cause damage. Amethyst jewelry, for instance, requires that you clean it from time to time to avoid scratching. Dirt and grime also tarnish its rich purple shade.

The stone was initially named amethystus and is the traditional birthstone for February. Here's a super-easy guide on how to clean amethyst jewelry.

What You Need To Clean Amethyst Jewelry

  • Dish soap (Bleach-free and non-dye)
  • Lukewarm water
  • A soft-bristled toothbrush

Steps For Cleaning Amethyst Jewelry

Now that we have gone over the items that you need to clean your amethyst jewelry, here are our easy steps for cleaning amethyst jewelry.

Step 1

Mix one part soap with three parts lukewarm water in a jar or bowl. Ensure the water is tepid as amethyst can crack or fade when exposed to high temperatures. Your soap should be free of abrasives, chlorine, and any alkaline ingredient since they can damage the stone.

Step 2

Soak your jewelry in the soapy solution for some time. This can be ten minutes or several hours, depending on how much dirt your ornament has.

Step 3

Using a strainer, remove the jewelry and gently scrape off dirt using a soft-bristled toothbrush or a special jewelry cleaning brush. Brush gently but thoroughly, paying close attention to the area between the prongs and under the gemstone.

Step 4

Dip the jewelry pieces into the soapy solution once more to get the grime off completely. Hold them under clean running water to rinse. Make sure the water is tepid as well, since abrupt temperature changes may crack your stone. Rinse well to ensure all soap and dirt residue is washed off. You can brush gently to ascertain none is left.

Step 5

Pour the used soapy water into the sink. Pat your jewelry dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. You can choose to polish it if you notice any smudges or scratches.

How To Care For Your Amethyst Jewelry

  • Do not steam clean your amethyst jewelry
  • Avoid ultrasonic cleaners if your stone is fracture-filled or dyed.
  • Keep your amethyst jewelry away from intense light (sunlight) as this may fade it.

Your amethyst jewelry deserves all the loving care it can get. For more jewelry cleaning tips and expert advice, consult us, the Scott and Co. Fine Jewelers.