Can Diamonds Break?

Diamonds are popular and most sought-after gemstones, with a reputation for not being bothered by strains or scratches. When you wear your diamond ring, the stone goes through all the things you do with your hand, from hand washing to knocking on doors and other regular things; but the ring stays unharmed. So, can your diamond break? Read on to find out.

Can You Break A Diamond?

Diamonds are the most preferred option for engagement and wedding rings because they are almost indestructible. This means it is nearly impossible to break a diamond, making it one of the most durable stones on earth. Due to their hardness, diamonds can withstand scratches and other minor abrasions when you wear them.

However, diamonds can experience damage along the edges when subjected to significant blows or hard impact. This only affects specific diamond cuts, such as marquise and pear, which are susceptible to chipping. But when you care for your diamond, the stone will experience minimal damage.

What Makes Diamonds So Durable?

  • Hardness: Diamond is hard enough as it guarantees a shiny, long-lasting, and scratch-free stone, requiring a little care. The hardness comes from its structure that gives diamonds up to five times more hardness than other carbides.
  • Toughness: Diamond's ability to resist breakage and chipping allows it to become impervious to damage. However, the stone can break or fracture when hit with heavy metal or rock, weakening crystal bonds within the stone.
  • Stability: Diamonds have resistance to chemical and thermal shock, although too high temperatures can cause some damage to the stone.

How To Protect Your Stone From Damage

The quality of the diamond, together with proper care, makes your ring resistant to damage. In contrast, failing to care for the stone can make it susceptible to wear, tear, and chips on the edges. Some ways to protect your ring include getting it regularly inspected, considering professional ring cleaning, and storing it properly.

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